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Distance Learning

Distance learning / Education is a g rowing discipline in Uganda and this is partly because of the increasing demands for higher education in the face of inadequate resources. Government in its White Paper recommended the use of distance and open leaning (Ministry of Education 1987). In establishing distance education programs, CPD is attempting to meet government interest and policy on distance education.

Distance learning has become so popular with the way it blends learning with convenience, as it offers education opportunities even to people who have the dream to own a certificate from far institutions without having to leave their comfortable homes or areas of work. It is also a great solution for people that already have jobs, and skills to seek for further education since it offers flexibility and also for business that seek further development of their workforce but without interrupting productivity.

Distance learning is usually more economical than traditional, and the student can save additionally from accommodation and transportation expenses. Students can receive material and communicate with lecturers/tutors via mail and email, engage through electronic forums, video conferencing, chartrooms, bulletin boards, instant messaging and other computer based communication. Some can adopt a fully web-based educational process with classes conducted through interactive web-based platforms. No wonder why distance learning has become the prevalent form of education for students between the ages of 20-50. One the stand point if you are over thirty, but still having it somewhere deep inside your heart that going back to college can help you advance in your career and better your personal life; then it is the time you think no more, but ACT.

Not many years ago, college students were referred to as non-traditional students, but today; students have it that more than 30% of all college students are over 30 years old; whoever said you were alone in this? It is the right time to prove them wrong. If you feel nervous about returning to school after all those years, then you need to get over it. You just have to remember that millions of people just like you are doing it – so why shouldn’t you?

Educators and most importantly employers seem to view maturity in the classroom as an advantage rather a disadvantage. More matured students appear more motivated and show more passion towards knowledge – something that correlates with contributing greater value in the workplace. One good thing about all this is that you can still make it happen, even if you cannot afford to stay without a job for a year or two. All you have to do is to look for a part time distance – learning institution and get your life to where it should.

You should rather believe this, educational options are more than you can possibly grasp, thus nothing should hinder you. There are quite a good number of professional institutions like CPD and educational institutions offering diploma, certificates, and degrees – programmed in almost any specialization and subject you can think of.

Part time study in a fantastic solution that helps you achieve your goals at your own time, pace and schedule, you should not stop yourself from reaching your goal. Distance learning is the ideal choice for people who want to receive a formal education and do not afford to leave their jobs.

Distance learning/education at CPD has very many advantages you may have to look through to begin your program.

  • The costs are generally lower than the other institutions.
  • Many employers seem to encourage part time education as it allows you to continue real professional expertise with academic knowledge.
  • Students at CPD maintain more flexibility as home-base programs allows them to work around their schedule, time and pace.

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